The Somali Congress of Trade Unions (SOCOTU) is an independent, democratic national trade union centre representing the interests of the working class of Somalia. The SOCOTU and our affiliated unions negotiate with employers for better terms and conditions of work. The SOCOTU has 11 affiliated unions representing different sectors of the economy. The SOCOTU was founded on the principles of social justice, independence and democracy. The SOCOTU seeks to promote national and international trade unionsolidarity.

Somali Congress of Trade Unions desires to see Somali workers and citizens having equal employment rights, social justice and sustainable development.

Somali Congress of Trade Unions is committed to empower the workers and citizens; advocate for labor policies and laws to preserve the dignity, and rights of Somali labor; and to contribute to the attainment of equal employment opportunities & social welfare.

1_To promote the employment rights, freedom and dignity of workers and citizens in collaboration with relevant key stakeholders.
2_To participate the formulation and implementation of policies, laws and programs for good governance and nation-building effectively.

3_To build congress members’ capacity and the capacity of the affiliate unions to safeguard the rights of the workers in different industries and sectors.

4_To build close relation with government, civil society organizations, private companies, and international agencies to improve condition of the work and give quality of the lives of both workers and citizens