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SOCOTU Leaders attend International day of Nursing

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The Leadership of SOCOTU led by chairman general Brother Mohamed Osman Haji and Secretary general Bro. Ahmed Hassan Omar have today attended the international day of Nursing organized by Somali Professional Nurses Association SOPNA and The Somali Health workers Union (SOHWU).

International day of nursing is marked all over the world to remember the sacrifices made by nurses and the challenges they go through in their daily activities. The colourful event was also attended by veteran trade unionists Mohamed Farah Isse (Gaashaan) and Abdullahi Mohamed Shegow who are the fathers of Trade Unionism in Somalia.

Dr. Omar Hani who is the chairman of SOPNA who spoke at the event congratulated his team for their hard work in making this day a success. He mentioned the need for developing the capacity of Somali nurses to handle many patients in cases of emergency that can result from the insecurity. He thanked the Somali nurses for their kindness and the difficulties they work in.

Chairman Gaashaan who also served as a minister of health for Somalia who addressed the gathering mentioned the long history of Somali nurses and how they contributed greatly to the health and wellbeing of the Somali nation.

Chairman General brother Mohamed Osman Haji who spoke on the occasion emphasized the importance of nurses to humanity and in particular to the Somali Nation.

He said, ‘’when we went to war into each other and we killed and injured our own, you are the ones who stood up to save the population. You treated mothers and children injured, you gave first aid to the wounded at a time when getting a minor injection was a  night mare. You are the hearts and souls of our people. We regard you with high respect and you deserve a monument erected in your honour. I solute all the working nurses of this nation and may you continue to serve your people diligently.’’

The chairman promised that SOCOTU will do everything to protect and advance the rights of nurses and the entire health workers of Somalia.


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