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SOCOTU marks international day of Labour

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The Somali Congress of Trade Unions (SOCOTU) has today marked the international day for Labour  in a colourful ceremony attended by the Prime Minister of Somalia. May 1stevery year Workers all over the world observe this day as a public holiday. The ceremony was organized by the SOCOTU and attended by high level personalities including ministers, members of parliament, foreign ambassadors and public servants.

The minister of Labour Hon. Salah Jama who spoke at the occasion emphasized the need for legislation and amendment of existing laws to ensure that equal employment opportunities are guaranteed to the Somali Nationals. He also promised to protect the interests of Somali workers and swore that no jobs shall be given to foreigners in the presence of Somali workers who can do the job.

The chairman general of Somali Congress of Trade unions Brother Mohamed Osman haji who spoke in length of the challenges facing Somali workers emphasized the need for the government to take action and prevent private sector employees from exploitation. He congratulated Somali Workers all over the country for this great day and broke to them the good news that the Somali workers got a new headquarter after 25years. Brother Haji asked the government to return the previous headquarters of the Somali Workers which is now in use by the Immigration department.

The prime minister of the federal republic of Somalia Hon. Hassan Ali Kheyre who was the chief guest in the ceremony declared his government’s commitment to safeguard the interests of the workers .He mentioned that his government will strengthen tripartite dialogue between workers, employers and government. PM Kheyre who is in office for only 53days proudly announced that his government has paid the salaries of workers in full for the period he was in office. The prime minister speaking on foreign aid encouraged the Somali workers to increase their productivity and forget about depending on external aid.  He said, “no country has ever developed on external aid and I tell you that the workers are the backbone and we must produce to sustain ourselves”

Happy Labour day to workers all over the World.!!!

SOCOTU Marks International Day of Labour


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